Home With You

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Jeremy Oswin, I am constantly amazed by you. Thank you for putting all your heart and soul into this. Larry, for your continuous wisdom, insight and support. Every singer, writer, and minister desires this kind of support. I am Blessed. Benjamin for being a part of Moms desire. Lori, You have been a beautiful blessing to me, thank you for your incredible work in art and photography. Margie, what can I say, you have truly been a beautiful insight to me and your voice adds and compliments beautifully. To my Mom Edie Sevy, who without your caring gentle nudging, this plain little country girl would never have grown into the woman of God that is within me. Thank you each and everyone. To my family, I say thank you for more love than I can repay. Most of all, thank you, God, for constant blessings and miracles. My cup overflows form You and to You.

Home With You by Cherrie Simpson

Home With You by Cherrie Simpson

Home With You – Desperate – We Dance – River Flow – Sing of Your Love – I Cry Out – This is My Prayer – Rescue Me – What Will It Take – I Can’t Believe – I Give You My Heart – Song Of Love – Face To Face – I Can Only Imagine

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What Will It Take

I Cry Out