Called to share the gospel of Jesus Christ using their musical and ministry gifts, Cherrie and Larry are traveling the country to minister to the broken hearted. Cherrie’s real life experiences and her testimony of how the Lord heals and restores are the inspiration behind the songs she writes. Her songs are expressions of her desire to see God’s people healed and restored. Her music is, also, meant to touch the hearts of those who have not yet been reached by the Saviors love. Most of all, her music serves to bless the heart of God, whom she loves and worships.

In every gathering there are hearts that need a special touch. Music is a tool that often reaches areas within the soul and spirit that nothing else will. It takes a sensitivity of the Holy Spirit that Cherrie and Larry both possess, to plan their presentation in such in such a way that will meet these special needs.

Although, Cherrie, an honored Female Vocalist and Songwriter by the Country Gospel Music Association, she is not an entertainer but a minister and her message is the gospel of Jesus Christ.